Spring clean your home interior

Posted on April 03 2018

Spring clean your home interior

With the Sun still high up in the sky at 4 pm in the afternoon my day all of the sudden has gotten longer with more things to fit it, more jobs to do, more people to see & more organising to get on with. Spring clean is a must in our household at this time of the year.

Practicing a lifestyle of simplicity, we soon notice the need to purge, de-clutter and simplify, after nearly 5 months of long dark days, we are ready to change the layout of our lounge, go through the wardrobes and donate the clothes we have kept for ‘just in case’ moments, even though we haven’t worn the items in years.

With work and little one, we try to make the spring clean a manageable project. This means breaking down the tasks. Every week ticking off a few more things we soon arrive at the tidy house ready for summer!

Revive your curtains

Taking care of your textile interior is just as important as looking after your kitchen cupboards and exploding wardrobe. If you have got a good set of curtains in your house, I recommend you take good care of them and dry clean them annually. Not all curtains can be washed at home, although some can be (always check the label and your washing machine’s capacity). Over the winter months, the dust sat on the curtain fabric layers and blocks the colour. You will see an instant change when you wash or dry clean your set of curtains.

We have some light linen curtains in our dining room over the garden door and side window. They give a cosy feel to the open planned kitchen and dining area, where we spend a lot of our time when we are at home. After a wash, they look so much brighter and lighter. With curtain sets in most of our rooms, I tackle them all to make sure that they get washed before the summer kicks in. This might sound like a big job but if you do one set of curtains on a weekend, you will be done in no time!

Freshen up your rugs

With asthma sufferers in our household, I need to stay on top of the hovering and rug cleaning throughout the year. However, deep cleaning the busiest carpet areas in our house with a Rug Doctor is a task for spring, ensuring that no runners get left behind either.

There are many carpet cleaning services that will clean a three-bedroom house in about 2 h. This works well for those who don’t have free time or don’t want to be dealing with the big rug cleaner themselves. Alternatively, you can hire a rug cleaner, like a Rug Doctor (recommended based on personal experience!!!), which does the job really well. The only downside is that it takes time!

Restore your sofa

Furthermore, with the curtain and rug clean completed, tackle your sofas! You will thank yourself in the future for it. Regardless of whether or not your sofa covers are removable for a wash, you can freshen it using:

  1. Carpet cleaner furniture attachment (make sure it dries fully before you sit on it).
  2. Hire a service to do it for you.
  3. Or simply use a fabric spray, use your personal judgment, on whether or not you can get away with just the spay clean!

Nothing like a good spring clean! With the biggest textile items taken care of in your house, it will instantly feel refreshed and bright!



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