The girl behind the business

Hi, I am Alina! Growing up I was surrounded with a variety of fabrics, jars of buttons, ribbons, lace and zips. The sound of a sewing machine in the house was as normal as a TV in the background these days. My mum, who at the time, was a seamstress by trade, always made me and my sisters stunning dresses for special occasions and celebrations to meet our growing demand for fashionable garment that stood out. Every Christmas and Mothers day we had new dresses to wear and most of the time they were matching ones too. Having had a most amazing first hand experience in watching mum tirelessly sew, unpick, change and alter countless textiles for me, my sisters and friends, I have always had a deep appreciation for bespoke, custom made fabric products.

From past to present

Moving to Yorkshire county in England almost ten years ago this passion was further strengthened as I found myself living in the suburbs of a great English city, with stunning countryside on the doorsteps and drawing inspiration from the rich history of many textile mills that were born during the industrial revolution and set this region as one of the worlds predominant leaders in textile, clothing, printing and engineering.

Where passion meets choice

Having travelled to various places in Europe and being inspired by regions with rich history and specialist knowledge in cultivating, harvesting and producing natural linen fabrics, an idea for Linum Loom was born. I wanted to bring these specialist western European products and artisan skills only found in the regions between south Normandy and Amsterdam back home not only for myself, but to be shared in home decors around UK.

Freedom to create

Starting this business I knew I wanted to give customers an ability and freedom of choice when it comes to decorating their interiors with textile products. Our carefully sourced and exclusive partnership with master weavers and atelier in the heart of western Europe results in being able to offer many decades of trade knowledge and craftsmanship, which come from being third generation family members running the same textile business.

It is the combination of our passion for design and their technical knowledge, which gives us the grounding and consistency to bring you only the best quality linen products and make sure that what you purchase from us, can both look great in your home and also be passed on to your children and grand children as heirlooms to be treasured.